By J.J. Colagrande

01_thelonious-horowitz20Last minute steez. That’s how we do it. Wake up in the morning and your day is your day then somewhere along the line you’re Audi five-thousand. I’m not saying it’s the only way to do it. Just my favorite. It certainly ain’t the best way—you know—not having a ticket for a music fest. If everyone went out like that it’d be chaotic. There’d be no festival because of low ticket sales. But you have to realize, son. If there’s a music festival with ninety thousand tickets, there will be extras. There are a million reasons why someone won’t make it. A million reasons! Someone gets sick. Someone’s date sold them out. Someone has to work. It’s the same thing in New York. I’m always tellin Diamonds when he wants to see a sold-out Yankees game, or Lee when he tries to peep a blockbuster play. You have to charge the venue like it’s a new frontier. The only way to lay claim to an adventure is to go for yours. How do you think America even came into its own? Peeps went for theirs, took chances. It may not always work out, but when you let go, everything will be just fine. I’m not tryin to motivate anyone so much as I’m tryin to explain why some of us go on these missions. Listen. There are a lot of us. Okay? Almost too many characters for one story. There’s a seven nation army of us—we-se deeper than you think. I’m tryin to tell a story from an insider’s perspective. I’m not tryin to motivate anyone here. We’re young. A lot of us are a little off. Heck, you need to be off if you want to be on. But whatevs, son. We are young. I’m one of the oldest kids here and I’m only twenty. We’re young but we’re still old enough to know this spirit is dangerous and contagious and powerful. What are we going to do with it? Hmm?

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