By J.J. Colagrande

01_thelonious-horowitz18That’s the way it is over there. Their steez could cripple a weaker nigga. It’s all-good though. I don’t hate them or nothin, just they love breakin balls, they like live for it. Sometimes I can hang with it and sometimes I can’t. I’ll admit a five-minute tolerance zone could qualify us as dysfunctional. Fuck it. We’re most definitely a dysfunctional Family, but whatevs. It’s all about Family. Just like at a music fest. It’s just frustrating not to have their support, especially considering their lives. They used to be so down. When does someone who used to be down start fakin the funk? I don’t even care yo. Their disapproval wasn’t goin to stop me. It didn’t matter if the whole world tried to bring me down. It doesn’t matter if I have to go it alone. Fuck it, kid-co. I know what I want. That’s more than most niggas can say. I know what I want and deep down I believe in myself. Deep down I know I could succeed and no one or nothin can stop me! Work hard and prepare and prepare and when that window of opportunity opens all you need is the balls to forge ahead. Failure is not an option. At least that’s always been my attitude. And if what happened at The Show didn’t happen who know-se, cause Hurricane Clout got clout most definitely. Three deejays and one mc–see…the recipe, g. So my parents were trippin, what else is new? Phuket like Thailand in my land I flipped the script and wrote some lyrics about that Shiite. I write lyrics all the time. I go through pens like Buddhists go through Zen, tricks go through friendz, gold-diggaz go through endz. On the way back to my crib, I was in the park skating by the fountain and I kept hearing this hook in my head: what do you know?!? what do you know?!?

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