By J.J. Colagrande

07_melody-rain5Are you having fun?

Yeah, I’m having fun. Sky’s bringing me down a little.

What do you think of Chi-town?

Chicago’s hella cool. I like the way the breeze rolls off the lake…

What drugs are you on?

Man, I don’t even know. We we’re on Adderall then we got them OC’s from you…we must-a puffed like ten bowls…I sniffed a bunch of Molly along the way…I-FEEE-L-GOO—you knew that I would now…

No H?

Nah, none of that…

Have you tried heroin before?


When was the first time?

With Fraggle. Top of the Haight.

Who’s Fraggle?

Fraggle’s this kid from Santa Cruz I used to hang out with.

Where’s Fraggle now?


How old are you?

You and me are the same age, remember? Twenty.

Do you know a lot of people that have died?

I know a couple…doesn’t everyone. Listen—why you asking me all these morbid questions. I don’t want to talk about Fraggle, kay? You’re bringing my head down…all right?

It’s kewl, ese. I can go back to the stock questions.

Do that.

Fine—was it raining the day you were born?

My ma said it was raining, that’s the story she tells me. A rainy day in the Bay Area—go figure!

Do you love your mother?

I love my ma! Sure—

What about your dad?

Never met him. I don’t have a dad—I have two moms.

Melody…what are you scared of?

What happened to the easy questions [pause] I’m scared of being alone.


I don’t know.

Yes, you do?

Because…because I don’t trust myself.

What’s really troubling you, Melody?

[Exasperated] The only trouble I have—right now—is that I have to baby sit a girl I’m not feeling.

So why don’t you let Keith have Sky and then you can get with Teflon?01_thelonious-horowitz15

Nah, no way…

Why not?

Just cause, Thelonious.

I think you left me in that warehouse and robbed me, probably with that Fraggle guy.

That’s absurd. Where did that come from?

I think you have a problem with drugs, specifically heroin.

This is a music fest and everyone’s using—

Yeah, but not everyone’s using heroin.

LISTEN—music fests are about getting fucked up and having a good time—I don’t want to hear anything…especially from you, Thelonious…don’t be a hippiecrit…

So, no problem with the H-bomb?

Shut up, Thelonious—you know what—this interview’s over…