By J.J. Colagrande

02_teflon-jones3My moms grew up cultured. She and her two sisters were always around the theater. When offered a free ride no one acted surprised when she chose UCLA. Everyone pushed her towards L.A. Quickly, she became a rising star in the theatre department her first two years, landing leads in Romeo & Juliet and, ‘Night, Mother. She also found work on many television shows like Dynasty, WKRP in Cincinnati, Knotts Landing, and The Love Boat. One time my moms and me were watching reruns of The Love Boat and she told me that Isaac the bartender had a crush on her. She told me my name could’ve been Ted Lange, Jr. How trippy is that?? But no, at school she met Byron Jones, already an All-American as a Bruin. They clicked. My dad could be quite a charming man. Anyway, something happened to my moms at UCLA, well, two things. First her passion for the stage simmered, blame it on the sciences. In her senior year she took an anthropology course as an elective. She found the Anthropology department at UCLA impeccable, in her words. Through people associated with the department she’d travel into Northern Mexico to study the culture of indigenous Indians. My moms was a quarter Cherokee and always felt connected to that spirit. About this time, Byron Jones was drafted into the NBA by the Pistons. Soon after that my mother became pregnant.

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