By J.J. Colagrande

02_teflon-jones4It looked good for the image of Byron Jones to have a wife and child. We settled near Detroit. Moms took care of me the first couple of years but soon I saw maids more than both my parents combined, with Byron on the road and moms involved with local Chippewa causes. When Byron Jones was traded from the Pistons, we moved to New York. Moms took up acting again. She landed some ensemble roles Off-Broadway. When she started taking trips to the Aztec ruins, and more excursions into Northern Mexico with her UCLA anthropology associates, Byron Jones divorced her. She embarrassed him! And he didn’t need it. Byron Jones already had another woman, pregnant, younger. I was ten and went with my moms to a pad on the Lower-East Side. That’s about the time I started having the shadow nightmares. And that’s also about the time she began to crack. Like my moms totally lost track of reality. She’d stay in character for weeks after a performance. I’m pretty sure she was eating hallucinogenics on stage. Through this I remained unfazed, watched a lot of television, played mad video games, and of course b-ball. I’ve been through years of the best therapy money can buy so I’m straight with talking about this. What my moms went through was definitely related to the Indian in her blood but so what? She never pushed anything on me. She only had love for me. She acted like my guardian, like my ally. Byron Jones on the other hand, when around he’d shove a basketball down my throat. I’m not a basketball. I’m not Byron Jones, Jr. My name is Teflon. Thelonious might’ve named me but my moms allowed me to become who I am, Teflon, that’s who I am, Teflon Jones.

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