BlazeVOX [books] presents innovative fictions and wide ranging fields of contemporary poetry. They have over 100 titles that will satisfy any taste. Based out of Buffalo, New York, BlazeVox is an independent publisher committed to pushing the boundaries of literature into the 21st century.

In every new age there comes a new method. Today the cyber culture sits on the brim of explosion. Their mission, after five years is still very hard to pin down. They represent neither a group of writers nor one mode of writing. They enjoy innovative works of literature in whatever format that it chooses to find itself. They wish to promote new style, emerging voices and provide an outlet for these artists to express their artistic visions. This sounds good, and in turn they will try to live up to these standards and will do whatever is humanly possible. BlazeVox is a good thing for the world.

BlazeVox books is the brainchild of Geoffrey Gatza, a committed pioneer of independent publishing, and a poet in every sense of the word. Headz is proud and grateful to be associated with this press. We’re so proud, we’d like you to start reading now, with this deleted scene that exhibits the spirit of our publisher.