By J.J. Colagrande

datThere’s nothing wrong with the taper sections. In the taper pits I get to sit around with old friends, people I’ve known for years. We catch up in the taper pits, talk about gear. We have a unique understanding of the sound, man. Us tapers can talk about the tiniest moments from festivals past. We know everything. But let me tell you something. Front of the board is always going to have a more direct sound with less reverberation. If I think I can get a better DAT recording—I’m going to sneak front of the soundboard and set up shop. It’s all about the sound, man. Non-tapers think I’m a little anal. I don’t think I’m anal, man. This is technology. I’ve seen how many music festivals and spent how many hours cataloging? We’re cool. We made this scene. We spread the music. And now the bands have started to offer digital downloads direct from their own soundboard for a cost. Basically tapers are obsolete. Why go through all the trouble and cost of taping a music fest when you can download the same quality with the click of a button for a lesser cost. That’s why us tapers have to take it to a new level. Now we video record the music festivals and patch the video together with the digital sound from our DAT players. We have like three different heads filming from three different angles and later we edit the Show and everything. We’ll deliver the music festival right into your living room. It’s all for the headz. No one’s making money on any of this. That’s what it’s always been about for the tapers. It’s always been about the headz. We have to keep it going and we will because we made this scene. We made the scene.


REMEMBER THIS IS A WORK OF FICTION and these characters are in the novel Headz, over there and up a little –>