By J.J. Colagrande

09_kc-mcgovern4 “So tell me about your friend,” KC said.
“Sky?” Keith looked nervous. “She’s into politics. She cares about things.”
“You two know each other long?” asked KC.
“Oh, yeah, years. We’ve a lot of history together. First loves and all that. There was a little lull there. We took a break, her idea.” Keith raised his hands to the air and wiggled his wrists like an evangelist. “Sky and her Buddhism, she didn’t want to cling.” He looked at KC hard. “That’s when I toyed with the notion of moving to LA. I kind of used it as a threat. But I did have a wacky notion of being an actor.”
“An actor?”
“I know.”
“So what happened?”
“With acting?”
“With Sky, dummy.”
“Sky got pregnant.”
Keith nodded. KC was glad she asked about Sky.
“Did she have the baby?”
“Yeah,” he looked away.
“So you’re a daddy.”
“No. Yeah. It’s complicated.”
“She gave it up for adoption.”
“So what are you doing here now?” KC asked.
“I don’t know,” he mumbled. “Sky sounded like she was in a weird place.”
“Why do you care?”
“I think about her.”
“Do you love her?”
“Of course.”
“Are you in love with her?” KC asked.
Keith took a deep breath. “I think about her a lot.”
“Are you thinking about her now?”04_keith-lipsiznowaz9
“No.” Keith looked KC dead-in-the-eye. He played with a loose piece of fabric from his shirt. There was a comfortable silence between them to which they stared around the South lot. A sudden gust of wind caused the flag above them to whip. Then a customer walked over and took KC’s attention away from the flag and away from their conversation. KC sold a copy of Wascally Wabbits and looked eager to return to her conversation with Keith.
“I broke up with my boyfriend recently.”
“You miss him?”
“Nah,” she said, “he was holding me back.”
“From what?”
“My dreams.”
Keith again stared at KC hard. He played with his beard, in mock contemplation.
“You’re a dreamer. I like that.”
“Dreaming is like flying. When you dream you soar. You’re five hundred feet in the air. Look up, all you see is sky—” KC regretted the word but she finished the thought. “—look down, you’re gonna fall.”

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