By J.J. Colagrande

01_thelonious-horowitz2That’s what I love about Curtis—of course he has a code. He has to be on the down low. How many headz in South Florida do you think grow a crossbreed between the White Widow and the Silver Haze? By the way, don’t tell me drugs are bad, okay. I don’t wanna hear it, no, you’re full of shit. I don’t wanna hear it, no, you’re full of shit. Thems Minor Threat lyrics, not me being redundant. I’m trying to say drugs are a minor threat, but I’m not sure you got it. I don’t think Ian MacKaye would like what I’m saying. But I’m saying. There’s nothing wrong with creative people thinking outside the box. And I’m not saying creative people need drugs to be creative. Not at all. Creative people need to do their work—DO THE WORK. Don’t get stoned and sit around thinking or tawkin about an idea. Do it. Some of them hallucinogenics will give you a boost like what. But all you need is a boost. You have to do the rest. The creativity is inside you. We’ve seen what drugs can do, mad headz get spun, mad headz overdose or get popped or whatevs. There are fallen warriors all ovah the place. Play with fire and you might get burned, son—recognize. But don’t tell me drugs are bad, especially the ism. People might be bad, but not drugs. It’s not the drugs, son. What if your dream is to be a rock star? What if your job is to drink and do drugs and party till the break-a break-a dawn? What if you’re the one who has to rock the party all night long? Who will they celebrate? It might appear we’re a bunch of groupies following a band—dead wrong—WE ARE THE ROCK STARS—the bands follow us.


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