By J.J. Colagrande

04_keith-lipsiznowazI grew up playing craps with crystals. About sixth grade I invented a game. It was played with chunks of green jade, black onyx, orange amber, and the pointy purple amethysts. You’d get a shoebox and toss the four stones. The idea of the game was to keep the onyx away from the amber. You’d roll until the onyx was the closest stone to the amber. You wanted to get as many rolls as you could. This was a few years before I knew anything about their metaphysical properties. Like why would I want to attract amber to onyx in a game when they’re both grounding stones and are naturally attracted anyway? What did I know then? I just loved the colors. I had this one amber crystal with the remains of a moth fossilized in the resin. Very wild. You could see the remains of the fly. The moth could’ve been a million years old. Anyway, one day Antwain, your typical school bully, he got mad cause he kept losing, and he threw my rocks off the school playground and they soared and I never seen them again. So much for crystal craps. Even as a kid I used to like to gamble. SELF-REALIZATION alert!! There’s something about risk I like.


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