By J.J. Colagrande

04_keith-lipsiznowaz4Years ago, to celebrate our anniversary, I threw a three-day party for Sky. Only two people were invited, us. I called it the S.A.K.E.—Sky And Keith Everlasting—festival. Even made up a flyer. I mailed it to her and everything. The first day of S.A.K.E. was all about Henna. You know Henna has the power to protect, that’s why it’s used in Far East weddings. For supplies I went to the New Bizarre Indian Grocery Store on Polk. Found everything I needed, including henna leaves. I took the dried out henna leaves, sprinkled them with a bit of vegetable oil, and then with a coffee grinder I shredded it into a powder. The powder needed to be sifted until very fine. So I stretched out a nylon cloth and secured the nylon with a rubber band around a cleaned out Ragu jar. Then I sprinkled the henna powder on the nylon and with a spoon I pushed it through into the jar. There were debris on the nylon, fine twigs and what not. I got rid of all that. In a bowl I stirred three teaspoons of the sifted henna powder, one teaspoon of eucalyptus oil, and three tablespoons of the blackest black tea I could make. Twenty hours later I had the paste in time for S.A.K.E. We rubbed each other’s bodies in eucalyptus oil then went to work. After the henna set we periodically dabbed the designs with a mixture of lemon juice and sugar. Citric acid in the lemon juice helps the henna seep into the skin and the sugar acts as a glaze. The rubbing of the eucalyptus oil was a part of the henna process but it was also really arousing in its own right, for both of us, but there was not to be any sex, no sex until the last day of the festival.

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