By J.J. Colagrande

03_sky-tyler3Keith and I were at the Legion of Honor museum. We were standing in the Rodin hall in front of The Mighty Hand. That statue says it all. It’s totally gripping. The tensions in every finger. The flex of every fiber of the hand. On one level it’s like the hand is trying so hard to hold on. With every ounce of energy the hand tries to hold on. On another level the hand tries so hrodins-handard to grasp. Like it wants a piece of something. What is life if not the constant struggle to hold on versus the desire to grasp? The Mighty Hand does both. I remember Keith and I were talking about maintaining what you have, security, health, whatever it is, versus wanting what you think you need or should have, love, materials, success. This was back in the day. And then our hands fit into each other’s, with no tension at all, a complete fit, like two pieces of jigsaw destined to click together no matter how many times the game was played.


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