By J.J. Colagrande


I live in Berkeley Hills with my mom. My mom’s girlfriend lives there too. I’ll move out soon. I only need six more Natural Science credits to get an AA degree in Liberal Arts from Vista Community College. I don’t have to tell you anything, but just cause, this time I will. So it was finals week, spring semester. Sometimes I sit in the Irie Café re-reading a section from my Botany notebook. The memorization hella kills me. Then I seen Sky walk in. She’d entered wearing a long skirt and an apron top half-shirt. Her Osaris tattoo was in clear view on her lower back and the colored Ganesha tat on her shoulder was kind-a hidden by the straps of the shirt. She wore this Rasta tam and a few of her skinny dreads dangled out of the hat. She was totally a hottie. Nibbling on my favorite sandwich, the one with feta, avocado, green olive tapenade, and rocket leaves, I noticed Sky the second she walked in. When that Bobo blood clot started getting all crazy on Sky I stepped right in. I couldn’t help it. I wanted her. And I get what I want.