By J.J. Colagrande

05_kurtis3Curtis had a secret code to which all his customers were acquainted. He used this code at home, or at a music festival. Although not that complicated, the code could seem that way. The premise was that every letter or number translated to one letter or number back then how it appeared. In his language: A equaled Z, B equaled A, C equaled B, 0 equaled 9, 1 equaled 0, and so forth. If the word were cat, Curtis spelled it dbu. When selling weed, he was a crafty cat. Mikey the taper had to grab a pen from the glove compartment to decipher Curtis’s message. The taper had to translate “uif cfbdi bu 4 Tu BTBG” into “the beach at 3 St ASAP.”

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