john-cov-lg2Thelonious Horowitz is the next big thing, the Bob Dylan of his times, and he’s feeling uninspired. In the past, traveling to music festivals always lifted his spirits. With his band playing a gig in a few days, he decides to leave New York to venture to Oracledang, the biggest and baddest musical festival of the summer. A diverse cast of ten characters, living in New York, Miami, and San Francisco, round out the novel. In Headz, everyone comes together at the music festival in Chicago, where paths converge for a summer event none of the characters will soon forget, and a show few will get to see.

The book and website, although a work of fiction, depict a wonderful world that over generations has been very real to hundreds of thousands of people. During the five years of composing and revising Headz, almost 60,000 words have been deleted. Many anecdotes did not fit into the narrative arc of the compact and crowded novel, but still feel relevant and entertaining. As a result, we created this website, dedicated to 58 deleted scenes, bonus features, and first person monologues. What we are trying to do with Headz is grassroots, just like the scene it portrays, and just like the characters that inhabit its world. Shore Morris, one of the novel’s characters, probably explains it best. Still, more than anything, this is a story about music festivals, coming-of-age, love, and rebellion. Enjoy it!